We are one expression of Christ's church "in" the world, but we try not to be "of" the world. We "get it" that people have enough of the world's problems to deal with. So, we work to make the times we gather unlike the world that is broken in so many ways. We try to live in "serving-mode" to help people to make their lives better with both physical help, but especially with Christ's Spiritual help. Everybody has a heart (some call it their "soul") that hungers for something eternal, pure, and free. That can only come from Jesus Christ as He becomes part of your Spiritual journey. With Jesus as Lord and Savior, our lives start to have meaning and purpose as we learn His plan for our salvation. So, we welcome you to come check us out. We are called "Lutheran" because we view Christian faith through the "lens" of a church leader named Martin Luther. He lived long ago in a time called the Middle Ages. He saw how the church of his day and people in general were drifting away from the true faith found in the Bible. We don't worship the man, but we do worship our Savior, the one and the same, Jesus the Messiah, the true human and divine Son of God!
8:30 AM & 11:00 AM Worship both in the Nave or downstairs in FLC Gym
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God's Holy Word, the Bible, is our source. There are many ways to apply it to your life...
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We witness by sharing our faith in Jesus Christ by what we say and do. We always have ministry projects underway...
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Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
in Faith, North Carolina
is seeking to do God's will
through Jesus Christ by
creating and calling disciples
to answer His call to:
"Feed my sheep."- John 21:17
Sundays &
Week Days
24 / 7
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